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Nas Dynasty

Hi, I’m Nas! I’m a self taught machine artist with a background in graphic design and art history. I also have a master’s degree in experience design but tattooing chose me. I have grown in many different states but I consider Chicago home and I’ve been enjoying my time on the east coast for a year now. I’m currently living in New Jersey and mostly commuting to Brooklyn for work.


I have been tattooing passionately for 2 years and much of my work is based on my admiration and past studies of ancient arts. My style is fineline and I love tattooing sculptures, ceremonial ornaments, jewelry, ceramics, weapons and tools that pay homage to our ancestral makers. Tattooing is the most challenging, yet most spiritually rewarding craft and I feel honored each time I am trusted to bring someone’s idea to life. As a black and queer woman, my biggest priority as a tattooer is to empower black, indigenous and people of color with unique and timeless reminders that we have and always will be able to create our own worlds.


My preferred contact for booking is via email at

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Each shop has a unique feel, bursting with plant life and sunlight you can find a diverse assortment of artists with specialty styles.

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